Triple Berry Smoothie not only brings together the delicious taste of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, but also brings together the best of their benefits and it is finished off with the superfood wheat grass!! 🙂 Difficulty Level: Very Easy  🙂 How long does it take: 10 mins to prepare and […]

Triple Berry Chia Smoothie

Instead of going for that pizza you normally buy with traditional dough and full of cheese, here is an idea for you to make that will satisfy your craving for pizza without ruining your healthy diet. You may be thinking that you normally buy pizza when you have no time […]

Light & healthy Goat Cheese and Beetroot Pizza

delicious 2 ingredient pancake
 This guilt free pancake could not be any easier or quicker. It can be eaten for breakfast, as a post workout meal, as a treat or even as lunch or dinner! I loooooove them and apart from being so easy to make, they are delicious, healthy and filling 😃 The […]

The 2 Ingredient Pancake

delicious fish stew
This delicious dish comes from Southern American culinary with African influence.  It is a quick meal to prepare and it is sure to please everyone in your house.   The combination of the fresh vegetables, herbs and the fish brings a delicate taste with a hint of sweetness from the […]

Fish Moqueca – a.k.a Fish Stew

This smoothie is simple to make and is a great option to have as a meal replacement. The only detail is that if you decide to drink this smoothie instead of having a normal meal, you need to ensure that it will be a smoothie rich in vitamins and minerals. I […]

Cinnamon Roll protein and chia smoothie

This delicious and super healthy dish is perfect for those days you don’t feel like cooking anything difficult or that will take away those relaxing hours in the evening after a busy day. I personally like making bigger portions (2-3 persons) so you can feed any friends or boyfriend/girlfriend around […]

Lazy salmon and vegetables

Porridge Combo - Banana, pistachios and almonds
This breakfast option is easy to prepare in the office or as an exciting weekend brunch idea! **For the porridge, my tip would be to choose a mix of barley and oats which will add different nutrients as well as reducing the amount of calories per portion Firstly, is there a right way […]

3) Porridge Combo – Banana, pistachios and almonds

This is a great option for a weekend brunch or to give you energy on a busy day! **For the toast, my suggestion will be to choose rye, granary or any other nice seeded brown bread Firstly, we need to prepare our avocado butter 1/2 avocado (for 1-2 persons and […]

1)Poached Eggs on Toast with Avocado

This brunch is a treat for those with a slightly sweet tooth!! Always choose a good quality brown/wholemeal bread, with seeds, wheatmeal flour as they will help you to feel fuller for longer and add nutritional value to your breakfast or brunch. Firstly, put the slice of bread in the toaster and once […]

2)Toast with Almond Butter, Honey, Banana and sunflower Seeds