3) Porridge Combo – Banana, pistachios and almonds

This breakfast option is easy to prepare in the office or as an exciting weekend brunch idea!

**For the porridge, my tip would be to choose a mix of barley and oats which will add different nutrients as well as reducing the amount of calories per portion

Porridge Combo - Banana, pistachios and almonds

Porridge Combo – Banana, pistachios and almonds

Firstly, is there a right way to prepare porridge?

I believe the way to prepare varies according to people’s taste and it can be easily prepared by following instructions of their package. For those not very experienced in preparing porridge, just make sure that your oats have cooked through and remember that they will continue cooking and thickening after you have have taken out of the pan or microwave.

I love my porridge a bit runny and to add interesting toppings, so I thought to add pistachios and banana could work… and they did so well!!

So, once you porridge is ready, add one ripe banana cut in slices and then cut them in half. Crush or chop a 1/3 cup of unsalted pistachios and a handful of almonds.

It should taste naturally sweet because of the banana, but if not, just add a bit of honey or agave and it will taste great ( and healthy!!)

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