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About Marii

Like you, your friend, your work colleague and many people you know…I am normally very busy and at times I struggle to find some spare time. Like you, I have embraced this modern life, working in a busy office Monday to Friday, while trying to have a healthy work life balance… but we know that sometimes it feels like a mission!

I am young adult, without kids or husband but I don’t have time to spend hours practising sports on the beach, creating lots of fancy dishes and posting on social media constantly. I normally don’t have time to go to the gym every day or spend hours in the kitchen.. You definitely know that we independent people have lots ( I mean LOTS) to do… Projects at work that may require you to stay until later in the office, while trying to tick the boxes that you have done a bit of exercise this week and kept a healthy diet. Resisting all birthday treats people insist to bring to work which end up ruining your healthy diets. Not to mention to spend time with boyfriends, girlfriend and meeting up with friends, while still bearing in mind that we have all the house chores to do oIMG_2543n weekends. Phew!

That’s why I thought about creating Happily Different to share some useful tips to help you balance your ambitions at work with your life out there.. I have learned how to organise my time in an effective way that it won’t ruin my plans or take all the spare time in the evenings when I would like to do other things or simply relax. At Happily Different, You’ll find ways to diet in a more efficient way so you don’t starve for weeks or feel like all events from your office happen right when you are on that diet before going on holiday!

On this blog, there will be lots of ideas for you to follow and make your time outside work more enjoyable, living Happily Different, having a healthier mind and body. Here you will find easy recipes that you will be able to cook quickly, along with some guilty free treats to have on those stressful days!

I am sure that by now you are thinking.. Ok then!! let’s get started..

So please go ahead an enjoy yourself being Happily Different!!

Love xx