Fitness & Wellbeing

Because exercise is necessary for a healthy mind, body and soul!


Your busy life may make it difficult to work out during the week or even weekends. Your hectic schedule, weekend plans that will keep you busy with no spare time for gym, apart from those Saturdays and Sundays that you would prefer just to chill out and recharge your batteries for the week coming.However, your mind and body need exercise and even if you think about, our nature should not be to sit down for 8 hours every day. We need exercise to stimulate our brain and improve blood circulation, as well aiding the production of serotonin or endorphins which makes you feel happier :)Then, we have tried different ways to combine the busy life with exercises.Firstly, try to start walking more on your wayto work or on your way home, because this will help you to feel more awake in the morning and help you to relax when you leave the office.  Walk up the escalators, use the stairs, cycle to work if possible, embrace a more active life.But what about going to the gym? Try to go to the at least 3 times a week, do it before work, lunch time or after work… It won’t be too difficult to squeeze 90 mins per week.. How come only 90 mins? Well, you just need to follow the instructions below to do it at the gym or even at home:-Do 20 mins of interval training cardio:
Run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 min. Repeat this until reach 20 minutes.To do high intensity training helps speed up your metabolism, accelerating it, which will continue burning those calories and fat for several hours after exercise.

-Do 10 mins of core or weight exercises while combining cardio:
The remaining 10 mins you can combine a few sequences of cardio and weights

Weights and core exercises will help to tone up your body while still burning calories. A few cardio sequences combined will help to continue speeding up your metabolism.

Ok, so let’s see how the training will look like:

-20mins interval training: Running fast for 2mins + walk for 1 min
-10mins Weight/cardio/core training: 25 crunches, 25 squats, 25 push ups, 25 clap jacks + 1min plank ..Repeat this sequence about 3 times or until you get to 10 minutes.

Not too hard right? That will be enough to help burning fat and speed up your metabolism for hours after you have exercised.


Weekend easy to follow Routine:

Before you get started:

Not very inspired for running or going to the gym at the weekend?So why not wake up and go for a walk? Put your headphones on, choose your favourite artist to play and go for a walk.
According to several studies, physical activities help improve your mood, starting your weekend feeling happy and more energised. To go for a 30 min walk is already good enough for those who just want to keep in shape and 60min would be more appropriate for those wanting to lose weight. Alternatively, Yoga and Pilates are great exercises that will add numerous benefits to your body, mind and soul. If you have tried it once and didn’t enjoy it, don’t worry, there are various styles of yoga and Pilates, so you will definitely find one that you will like.


Before exercising: Drink a small glass of milk or eat fruit like a banana. Some specialists argue that banana has a great amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients that provide energy for over an hour of workout.
After exercising: Ideally protein can be very beneficial as it helps the recovery of the muscle. Eggs, lean meat, nuts and yoghurt are good sources of protein.  

Why to start improving your health matters


Did you know it is estimated that by 2020 circa 40% of the population will be obese? This means that the risk of some of us developing a chronic disease will increase. Some of these health conditions that are associated to obesity include:
*Heart Disease
*Diabetes Type 2
*High Cholesterol
*High Blood Pressure
*Liver and Gallbladder Disease



The prediction for Diabetics (Type 2) itself is that by 2030, over 500 million people will be diabetic. This happens when the body becomes resistant to insulin or stops producing it. The main reasons that can cause it are being physically inactive, overweight or obese and eating an unhealthy diet. 

Sounds quite scary doesn’t it? So now stop and think… No one of us are immune to developing them but we can surely improve our health and remain healthy in order to aid preventing those diseases. You can start by trying to reeducate your eating habits, try and be more active and add new simple habits such as to start drinking a glass of lemon water on a daily basis.