Irresistible Chocolate Mousse With Polenta Base

This irresistible dessert will satisfy your craving without making you feel guilty. This recipe has no flour, no refined sugar and uses dark chocolate… And the outcome? It is a delicious and well deserved treat for you to have at the weekend, after working a long week while trying to keep healthy.




  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • How long does it take: 20 mins to prepare and you will need to leave overnight or until it sets to eat 🙁
  • Trick or Treat: It is a treat because it has no saturated fat, no refined sugars, no flour (just bear in mind that there is carbs from the polenta and fat/calories from the chocolate)
  • Allergies: Contains eggs. It is suitable for people intolerant to gluten. 
  • As it contains chocolate and honey, diabetics are advised to consult their doctors. 

The recipe:

200g of dark chocolate (70% or above if you like)
4 egg whites
1 small cup of polenta flour
2 and 1/5 cup of water
A cup of strawberries (about 10)
Natural sweetener (agave syrup, fructose syrup or honey)
Some natural yoghurt to pour on top
1/2 cup of desiccated coconut

Firstly, start by putting the strawberries in a pan to cook on a low heat with a bit of water to create a strawberry puree for about 7 minutes. They should release their juices and if they are not very sweet, you can add a dash of natural sweetener, stirring occasionally. While they are simmering, get another pan (choose a deep pan as the polenta flour may spill out) and put the water to boil.

Once it is boiling, lower the gas hob and slowly add the polenta to avoid lumps, stirring it to dissolve it well. Add the coconut and natural sweetener to taste (about 2 tsbp) and cook the polenta for about 10 mins, stirring it occasionally (until it gets tick and you can see the bottom of the pan).

Once the polenta is ready, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Let the chocolate cool down for a bit and in the meantime, whisk the 4 white eggs until they are very firm. Add the chocolate to the egg white, mixing them very slowly to keep them aerated.

Lay the polenta on the bottom of individual dessert cups and add the chocolate mousse mix as a second layer.

Put it in the fridge overnight or leave it for about eight hours, until the dessert has settled down and the polenta is firm.

Pour the strawberry puree and yoghurt on top. Alternatively, you can increase the nutritional value adding some crushed nuts.

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