Light & healthy Goat Cheese and Beetroot Pizza

Instead of going for that pizza you normally buy with traditional dough and full of cheese, here is an idea for you to make that will satisfy your craving for pizza without ruining your healthy diet. You may be thinking that you normally buy pizza when you have no time or can’t be bothered to cook right? But don’t worry because this recipe will hardly take any time at all.

This is a quick idea that will take a few minutes to prepare and 10 mins to grill

goat cheese and Bettroot pizza

So to make one pizza you will need:

1 wholemeal Chibatti bread ( you can use wholemeal fajita wraps but they are just slightly higher in calories)
1 cooked beetroot
1 small piece of goat cheese mixed with a tsp of light cream cheese
5 black olives (optional)
1 handful of rocket leaves
2 tsp of tomato purée or passata
Fresh or dried oregano
5 cheery tomatoes

Firstly, start pre-heating your oven on a medium temperature (around 160/180c). Then, spread the passata/purée on the base of your pizza. Cut the tomatoes and the beetroot into thin slices, and spread on your pizza. Aside, get a small container and mix the goat cheese with light cream cheese. I have chosen to mix them as the taste will be light, the number of calories will be lower and also, your pizza will not be dry.

Put small portions of the creamy light goat cheese mix on top of your beetroot and on the base of your pizza, leaving in small chunks. Add rocket to finish.

Once it is all done, season with salt and pepper and top it up with the olives and the oregano.

Put in the oven and in about 10 mins it should be ready. It should be golden on the corners but not burnt.

Enjoy 😀


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