Love your Brunches

Because We Love Brunches!

We love brunches because it brings us the feeling that we didn’t need to wake up early and get ready for work. Most of us count down the days to the weekend, looking forward to waking up a bit later and being able to take it easy. It’s a bit of everything right? The idea of being able to wake up in slow motion and don’t eat in a rush after a busy working week.

Here, I want to keep posting tempting ideas for your brunches, that won’t take too much of your Saturday or Sunday mornings but of course, choosing healthier options.

1) Poached Eggs on Toast with Avocado  

(my suggestion will be to choose rye, granary or any other nice seeded brown bread)

Irresistible Brunch

2) Toast with Almond Butter, Honey, Banana and Sunflower Seeds 

This brunch is a treat for those with a slightly sweet tooth!!Healthy Banana and almond butter toasty

3)Porridge Combo – Banana, pistachios and almonds

This breakfast option is easy to prepare in the office or as an exciting weekend brunch idea!

Porridge Combo - Banana, pistachios and almonds

Porridge Combo – Banana, pistachios and almonds