2)Toast with Almond Butter, Honey, Banana and sunflower Seeds 5

This brunch is a treat for those with a slightly sweet tooth!!

Healthy Banana and almond butter toasty

Always choose a good quality brown/wholemeal bread, with seeds, wheatmeal flour as they will help you to feel fuller for longer and add nutritional value to your breakfast or brunch.
Firstly, put the slice of bread in the toaster and once it is nice and golden, spread the almond butter (you can swap it for peanut or cashew butter if you prefer). I love almond butter and almonds are on my list of superfoods you should add to your diet because they are packed full of nutrients.
Cut the banana into slices and top up your toast with the banana slices and drizzle over a bit of honey, finishing with sprinkled sunflower seeds.
If you are vegan or diabetic, you just need to use another type of sweetener and then it will become perfectly suitable for you guys too 🙂
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      Thank you so much for your comment!! I believe I some of the recipes or tips can incentivise people to eat and be healthier!! This is happilydifferent’s mission 🙂

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