Velvet Berry Smoothie

The Velvet Berry not only looks beautiful because of its pink velvet colour but it also tastes delicious and is a super antioxidant drink!! 🙂


  • Difficulty Level: Very Easy  🙂IMG_7970
  • How long does it take: 10 mins to prepare and blend
  • Trick or Treat: It is a treat because it is fat free, has no artificial sugars and has lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Allergies: Suitable for vegetarians. It is suitable for diabetics but in small portions as there is natural sugars.


The recipe is super easy, quick to make and the result will be a lovely and yummy smoothie to have on the way to work or as part of your relaxing brunch.

Just to make you crave this smoothie even more, some of the benefits of this drink are: the intake of vitamin A from the cherries, lots of vitamin C from the strawberries (cherries, raspberries and nectarine also contain vitamin C), and lutein from the nectarines.

The combination of these fruits will deliver loads of health benefits, such as boosting your immune system, empowering antioxidant activities, assisting in regulating your blood sugar level and improving digestion. In addition, raspberries have a compound called rheosmin which can increase your metabolism and tiliroside which helps with the insulin balance (great for people with type 2 diabetes). Some recent studies have suggested that cherries aid with inflammation-related conditions, being very important in the process of relieving muscle pain and recovery as well lowering arthritis inflammation.

So let’s get started:IMG_7966

The Recipe:

1 cup of strawberries
1/2 cup of raspberries
2 to 3 nectarines
1/2 cup of yoghurt
1 cup of cherries

To make the Velvet Berry Smoothie is very simple, just remove the  pips from the cherries and add all ingredients into a blender. Turn the blender on full until everything has mixed together well. On a note, you can do it with 2 nectarines if they are very sweet and juicy and I prefer to add them with the peel as both fruits and veggie peels are full of nutrients as well.

I like those bullet blenders, because they blend everything really quickly and the result is a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

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